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Zengineering is the unfinished book that Rolf had been working on for the last ten years of his life. The Faste Foundation has been editing the manuscript for its eventual publication. Here is a brief excerpt:

“Zengineering is about being creative in our technological age. It combines two methods of practice: Zen and Engineering. Engineering applies known principles to assure our creations are functional and safe. Zen courageously moves beyond conventional understanding to engage life in real time. These two opposites are explored as an inextricable Yin/Yang pair. One promotes critical thinking, the other non-judgmental mindfulness. One values logic, the other sees past it.

“To be technically creative, and creative generally, requires embracing life and it’s paradoxical extremes of detachment and involvement. The apparently intractable problems we face stem from fixed patterns in our minds that no longer work. To break these patterns requires going back to the basics, to the raw data itself. Zengineering addresses the problem of what to do next, both as an individual or as a corporation. It is concerned with being creative about what to be creative about.”

Rolf was a well-read student and scholar of design, and his book deals with how to live life as a healthy designer by applying wisdom, collaboration, creativity, and purpose. The manuscript is still a work in progress, so if you would like to help Zengineering be published, connections to editors, reviewers, literary agents or publishers would be welcome... send us a message!

“Yesterday’s Technology is Tomorrow’s Game,” painting by Rolf Faste, circa 1970
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