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The Faste design archive includes over 100 boxes of Rolf’s drawings and notes, a library of several thousand books on design, art, education, etc., and an impressive collection of resources for design education. While much of this material remains in storage, we are actively working to upload the most relevant of Rolf’s writings and notes to our resources page. The plan is to post as much of this content online as possible, and develop new tools that highlight the interconnections.

A few examples from the archive are shown below:

A mind map by Rolf from the 1990’s. We have hundreds of larger maps and drawings in our files.

“The Development of a Visual Extension to Synectics Theory,” Rolf’s 1971 Masters Thesis.

“New System Propels Design for the Handicapped,” Industrial Design Magazine, Oct. 1979.

Rolf Faste, “Kite Basics,” unpublished educational handout, undated, circa 1980.

Ultimately our goal is to develop an open library that invites everyone in the online community to creatively collaborate on advancing this thinking. We are also establishing a permanent physical space to house and disseminate this kind of open design knowledge more effectively, including the development of new works of design thinking and scholarship. We plan on hosting creativity and design lectures, classes, workshops, and other related educational activities with the aim of improving and celebrating the essential role of creativity in design. These lectures will be free and open to the public.

If you are interested in participating in helping to make this a reality, get involved or feel free to send us a message!

We should also note that Rolf was an avid collector of boats, toys, masks, quilts, Japanese items, and books on design. Our goal is to catalogue and archive this extensive collection to enable community access in person.

Several model yachts from the Faste family collection. Rolf used them as examples in his courses on Aesthetics of Machinery and Computer-Aided Design of Model Yachts.
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