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Do you think design education should be a free public resource?

If so, consider donating to support the Faste Foundation. We are a small nonprofit dedicated to improving the world through open and accessible design. Your tax exempt financial contribution is greatly appreciated!

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We would especially like to hear from you if you have stories to share about Rolf’s impact on your design education. We also love to have volunteers helping out on our projects.

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There are also a few other things that we’d love your help with:

Space. We are currently seeking ~600 or more square feet of office space in San Francisco or on the peninsula to serve as our home. If you have any leads on good spaces, ideally offering a charitable discount for small nonprofit design startups like us, send us a message at the email above.

Partners. We help nonprofit institutions with their strategic design and technology needs, especially on projects related to design education. If you know organizations in need of design services, please send us a message!

Advice. You know a great many things we can’t possible know, and we’re always excited to hear from our friends. Send us a message with your thoughts, stories, comments or critique!

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