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Otherwise, feel free to browse and download the design education resources below. As new resources are digitized from the archive we’ll upload them here. If you are looking for something in particular that you can’t find, please send us an email or schedule a visit.

Review of Creative Strategies
A nice one-page summary of everything necessary to overcome a creative block.

Drawing Figures
Start by drawing lollipop stick figures, then advance to correct human proportions.

Rapid Visualization 1
The basics of one and two-point perspective, tiger lines, and casting shadows.

Useful Drawing Conventions
Simple tips and tricks on drawing lines, arrows, dimensions, materials, etc.

Design Process Cycle
Exploring metaphorical abstractions around the phases of an iterative design process.

Handwritten Fonts
A simple worksheet on practicing your penmanship in different styles.

Foamcore Construction
Summary of materials, tips, and tricks for creating foamcore joints and corners.

Fascination Finding
A simple one-page exercise to help you identify your primary fascinations.

Kite Basics
Simple instructions on how to build a garbage bag sled kite or aeroprism.

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