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The Faste Foundation is a nonprofit 501(c)3 charitable design organization with deep roots at the origins of human-centered design. We work with nonprofit partners and foundations to advance the social impact of design through open source technology and design education.

Located in Silicon Valley with strong ties to the community, our board of directors includes educators and leaders in nonprofit management as well as noted designers in academia and industry. We are supported by a broad network of professional designers and student volunteers.

We are currently focused on three main projects described below: the Faste Foundation’s Design Library and Archive, publishing Rolf’s book, Zengineering, and an open technology platform called The Creativity Kernel.

Professor Rolf Faste (1943-2003) was a pioneer of human-centered design and a dedicated design educator at Stanford University. Learn more about Rolf ▸

Design Library and Archive: A Resource for Designers

The Faste design archive includes over 100 boxes of Rolf’s drawings and notes, a library of several thousand books on design, art, education, etc., and an impressive collection of resources for design education.

Our goal is to digitize and share as much of this content as possible, invite everyone in the online community to collaborate, and establish a physical space to advance design creativity and scholarship.

Learn more about the Design Library and Archive ▸

Zengineering: Rolf’s Unfinished Book

Zengineering is the book that Rolf had been working on for the last ten years of his life. The Faste Foundation has now completed a 300 page manuscript that is nearly ready for print.

Zengineering is about being creative in our technological age. We would love your help with the publication of this book. Connections to editors, literary agents or publishers would be welcome!

Learn more about Zengineering ▸

The Creativity Kernel: An Open Innovation Network

The Faste Foundation believes that a world class design education should be a free public resource. That’s why we’re building an open technology platform to facilitate the collaborative mentorship of design practice and community innovation.

It’s like “Wikipedia meets Duolingo” for design education: open source design tools for everyone. We call this project The Creativity Kernel.

Learn more about The Creativity Kernel ▸

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